By using modern machines - combined with the highest know-how of our highly trained and dedicated staff - we are able to meet high quality standards necessary to service automatic transmissions.

Transmission Test Stands

To test our refurbished transmissions, we have two electric motor driven transmission test stands of the type Axiline 97000, from the leading manufacturer Superflow from the USA.

These test stands are designed for both: front and rear-wheel drive transmissions. A rotatable drive system allows a quick change of transmission clamping operations. Both Axilines are equipped with two eddy current brakes to simulate real conditions.

Due to an universal connection system, automatic transmissions of different brands and manufacturers can be tested.

Oil pressure and many other important values are displayed on a control console when testing.  The unit controls electronic transmissions via a TDAC system that captures and documents the measured values.


Valvebody Test Stands

When repairing a valvebody, highest precision and cleanliness is required. Even the slightest contamination or wear have an impact on the entire switching behaviour and the performance of a transmission.

These complex systems are examined by us and checked with special valvebody test benches for proper function and performance.

By using a digital VBDAC system very accurate measurements are possible. This allows us to perform accurate calibrations of the solenoid valves and the valvebodies.

All standard valcvebodies are tested and repaired in house. Our test equipment is made to work with real-world measurements, almost like a built-in gear. Through these hydraulic valvebody tests, valves and individual technical elements can be testet accurately.


Universal Control Computer

To control electronically shifting automatic transmissions, we use an universal control computer.

These computers are able to display the control signals on an external monitor. We have a large variety of adapter cables available for all types of vehicles and therefore the possibility to check various brands and different automatic transmissions with only one device.

Troubleshooting Computer

In addition to controlling a transmission, the control unit also performs constant test functions.

The calculated values are examined and stored in the control computer for examination and review. When deviations from the default tolerance ranges are found, error codes are displayed. These error codes can be read with specific computers. In order to enable a fast and reliable diagnosis of the defective automatic transmission, our mechanics are able to read, interpret and delete the data.

We are equipped with devices from different manufacturers and can thus diagnose almost all vehicles,without the need to visit the dealer.