Specialty tools

Does your business require special tools to repair or completely overhaul automatic transmissions?

Fahrzeugtechnik Hetzel repairs and overhauls transmissions on a daily basis. We have been doing this for decades and thus, we know exactly which tools are a benefit to our customers.  

The goal of supporting our clients is to facilitate their workflow, to improve the quality and to operate more efficiently. In a nutshell: more profit for our customers.

This is why we not only sell automatic transmissions and parts, but also the entire equipment and tools required to repair automatic transmissions.

We provide EVERYTHING you need for this:

  • Service Equipment for Oil Change and Radiator Flush
  • Special Tools for the Repair
  • Test Equipment for Valvebodies
  • Test Equipment for Automatic Transmissions
  • Diagnostic Tester / Scanners for Error Codes
  • Technical Documentation and Instructions
  • Universal Control Computer
  • Special Workshop Equipment
  • Mounting Lubricants and Various Tools for Repair
  • Lube Guard Program
  • Hot Flush Cooler Flushing Device
  • Autologic Diagnostic Equipment

We offer optimal and professional support for planning a gearbox-repair.

Contact us – we gladly provide detailed information that helps to realise a complete transmission-overhaul.

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