Hot Flush

Easy to use, thorough cleaning equals best results!

Fahrzeugtechnik Hetzel introduces a sensational oil cooler and heat exchange flusher already successfully in use by the vehicle and transmission manufacturers, the aviation industry and space industry in the US. We have been using this very reliable system in our workshop for many years.

Our mechanics could no longer do without it because with this device, we achieve the best and most thorough flushing of an oil cooler possible. The simple operation and user-friendly nature of the equipment, provides the most effective cleaning of oil coolers and ensures the highest quality of the gear change functions.

There are similar systems available in the market but none of them offers the quality and results of the Hot Flush. A unique feature of Hot Flush is, that the system works with heated oil  (up to 95 °) - the actual real vehicle environment. The heat causes the vessels to expand, and the hot oil can drain. In addition, air is intermittently and in regular intervals passed through the radiator; in this way trapped dirt particles are removed. This oil / contamination mixture flows through a special, close-meshed filter which can be found in the upper part of the flushing system. With the contamination being visible, it is easy for the mechanic to decide if further rinsing should be done. After a rinse with the Hot Flush, each cooler is thoroughly cleaned and checked for leaks at the same time. The innovative and efficient method of Hot Flush, allows it to outperform all other flushing devices.

Hot Flush: the unique Oil Cooler Flushing Device.

Other simple types of cooler flushers, such as can foam cleaners, can not remove the gear oil additive remains, and, these products cannot remove hard particles and dissolve them. Thus, the extent of the contamination of oil coolers is not measurable and therefore the risk is high that dirty particles remain in the oil flow of the transmission. Because of this, if the contamination is not removed, the gearbox will be damaged again which will result in even higher costs.

On the side of Hot Flush a display indicates the flow rate. This makes it easy to determine whether the cooler or its lines are clogged. With the "clean-out" button, a short, sharp boost can be created resulting in removing large contaminations. The rinse time can be set from 15 - 30 minutes and up to 1 - 3 hours. Therefore, the Hot Flush can be adjusted to accommodate any level of contamination. The Hot Flush has so many advantages over other flushing methods, that our customers  do not want to miss this machine in their workshop anymore! The use of this simple flushing device saves you money in the long run!

Why is it so important to flush an Oil cooler for Transmissions?

Automatic transmissions often produce unwanted dirt particles, which are located in the oil circulation system throughout the transmission. These metallic abrasions, splinters and frictions are spread in the transmission, torque converters, oil lines and in the heat exchanger / oil cooler. During the repair of the automatic transmission all parts are thoroughly cleaned to eliminate these contaminants

Unfortunately, this process often does not remove contaminants completely. To ensure that all impurities are eliminated, the oil cooler or heat exchanger must be used in this cleaning process. Hard to reach areas, such as the oil cooler, cannot be inspected with the naked eye. Even if the repair or maintenance of an automatic transmission is carefully performed, remaining dirt particles that are already in the oil can damage the transmission within a short time. To save the customer and yourself a lot of time and money, we recommend the Hot Flush which will pay for itself within a very short time.

We are happy to invite you for a demonstration of Hot Flush so you can convince yourself with the capabilities of this system.