Fahrzeugtechnik Hetzel is the main distributor for the company Hydratest and its products in Europe.

Valve Body Teststand VBT2011

The VBT2011 allows users running a series of tests checking performance of a malfunctioning Valve Body at various gears and pressure inputs. The machine emulates the transmission performance of a driven vehicle. By running a used Valvebody through a set of carefully elaborated steps and reading outputs, the system creates a graphic that is compared to the one that is taken from an original new Valve Body of the same model. The comparison allows Valve Body rebuilder to determine the exact reason for the problems.


HT2000 Automatic Transmission Circuit Integrity Leak Tester

The portable Hydra-Test HT-2000 unit allows automatic transmission rebuilding specialists to test the hydraulic integrity of the individual transmission components. The clutch and band operation can be testet and diagnosed with a simple connection.

Provided with the possibility to bench test a transmission, rebuilders can save valuable time by reducing unnecessary installations and removals of the gearbox from the vehicle.

A test plate is attached to the transmission, to identify transmission leaks. Afterwards the flow meter is used to indicate the amount of leakage at the piston or servo seals.


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