In the car industry electronics and mechanics merge more and more with each other. This is also the case with automatic transmissions.

When the control computer and the valvebody housing is installed together in the transmission, it is called mechatronic. This is the case in many transmissions of the latest generation.

The valvebody housing can be seen as "nerve center" of an automatic transmission. In the valvebody the switch commands of the control computer are processed; as a result various transmission components are enabled.

All standard valvebodies are repaired and tested in house. Our test stands and test equipment are made to work with real-world measurements, almost like a built-in gear. Through these hydraulic valvebody tests, valves and individual technical elements can be tested accurately.

When repairing the valvebody, highest precision and cleanliness is required. Even the slightest contamination or wear can have an impact on the entire switching behaviour and the performance of a transmission. In the worst case, this can result in a failure of the entire transmission. 

Fahrzeugtechnik Hetzel - We make transmissions drive!

These complex systems are refurbished in house. Needless to say, that we verify the perfect condition of the valvebodies by using our test stands.

By using digital control systems we are able to meassure the slightest deviation. In this way we can calibrate the solenoid valves and the valvebodies precisely.

We have adapter plates, settings and testing programmes for all common automatic transmissions.

Fahrzeugtechnik Hetzel provides high quality valvebodies which are tested on the most modern testing stands at fair prices.



The Process of Testing a Valve Body

By testing and refurbishing the Valve Body at Fahrzeugtechnik Hetzel, up to 50% of the total costs can be saved.




Valve Body including the form* is delivered to us**.





A high degree of contamination can be a reason for malfunction.



Visual Inspection


Housing is examined for damages





Valve Body is tested under real conditions and with different pressure levels.



Repair/ Overhaul


If the Valve Body can be fixed, repairs/ overhauls are carried out on a time and material basis.


*Please make sure to send the Valve Body in an airtight and well padded box.

** To reproduce the reasons for malfunctions, a completed and signed form is obligatory.