Are you looking for new ideas for your company that offer new opportunities and increase the efficiency of your workshop? Fahrzeugtechnik Hetzel points out approaches that can enhance your company and give you an edge over competitors.

We can show how to accomplish this in order to win new business and become more productive.

Fahrzeugtechnik Hetzel is able to provide proven ideas about how competitive advantages can be created and how to grow a company´s repair facilities.

As a  repairer specialising in automatic transmissions and as a supplier of spare parts since 1993, we are represented with branches and partner all around the world.

One of our areas of expertise is to individually support and advise the management of vehicle workshops and  shop mechanics in the enhancement of their company by creating new opportunities.

Many years of experience in the transmission sector and our technical know-how in gearbox repair provide us with the abilities to support our customers. Fahrzeugtechnik Hetzel can point out how  to expand a automatic transmission business as a service partner, dealer for transmissions and parts, or as a repair operation.

We give advise and provide knowledge in order to get a comprehensive overview and vision of what may be the right approach for your company. 


Overview of our Seminars* 

1. Basic Seminar for Beginners    (5 days)
2. Seminar for Remanufacturers    (2 days)
3. Seminar for specific Transmissions    (1-2 days)
4. Expert/ Appraiser Seminar    (2 days)
5. Equipment Introduction Seminar    (1 day)


* Seminars usually have a balanced theoratical/ practical part.

1. Basic Seminar for Beginners

This seminar is ideal for transmission remanufacturing beginners. Within a week we provide essential knowledge about automatic transmissions. This creates a solid basis for future automatic transmission remanufacturers.


2. Seminar for Remanufacturers

Our seminar for experienced remanufacturers who want to be up-to-date when it comes to current automatic transmissions and parts. We recommend to participate 1-2x per year.


3. Seminar for specific Transmissions

This seminar is customised for our customers and deals with specific transmissions. There is also the opportunity to refurbish a transmission under professional guidance.


4. Expert/ Appraiser Seminar

In this seminar we explain how damage analysis for automatic transmissions are properly made. We help Experts/ Appraiser to find causes for malfunctions confidently.


5. Equipment Introduction Seminar

We are a distributor for well-known manufacturers as: Hydratest, Kinergo, Hot Flush, Tim Eckart and many more. As part of the delivery, we provide practical introduction seminars to ease our customer´s start as a remanufacturer.


We gladly provide further information.

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