Damaged Transmission – now what?

Is my transmission completely destroyed and do I need to buy a new automatic transmission?

It depends very much on what type of problems the automatic transmission causes. As soon as noticable problems occur, they should be checked by a professional mechanic.

Quite often, it is possible to solve transmission problems straightforwardly, without needing a replacement transmission.

If (despite the high engine output, [RPM]) faster driving is no longer possible, it can simply be caused by the transmission oil.

The couplings in the transmission are possibly defective, when the gears engage no more or when the reverse gear stops to work.

A defective torque converter can cause the vehicle to not being able to drive forward or reverse.

Additional causes of error:


In more recent electronically controlled transmissions, an external defect such as a faulty throttle position sensor, the control computer, the mass air flow sensor or a wire harness can be responsible for a transmission malfunction.

Inside the transmission, a faulty switch or pressure control valve, a defective temperature sensor as well as a lack of transmission oil can possibly cause a defective transmission.


Control and activation issues can easily be analyzed and determined with the appropriate diagnostic equipment.

If the transmission fluid is not black, does not smell burnt and there are no metal chips or shavings in the transmission oil, chances are good that the transmission is not or not badly damaged. In such a case, a less expensive targeted repair may be all it takes.

Why are there such high price differences in quotations for automatic transmission overhauls?

There is no universal standard for the repair of an automatic transmission and completely different services can be found in the transmission market, but these are difficult to compare.

There are some questions you can ask to assess the different services.

  • Have you been advised to your satisfaction before placing an order?
  • Will the transmission be repaired or completely overhauled?
  • Will the transmission be completely cleaned inside and outside?
  • Will the transmission be equipped with a reconditioned torque converter?
  • Does the price include the mechatronic?
  • Are planetary sets and other transmission interior parts included in the overhaul price?
  • Will the transmission be tested on a dynamometer, filled with oil?
  • Is a warranty for the supplied or offered transmission provided?
  • Is there a mileage/kilometre limit?
  • Does the warranty cover the replacement parts or the entire transmission?
  • Which of the mentioned services will be charged additionally?
  • Is there a pick-up and delivery service available?

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