Transmission Repair

During the past years, we have continually invested in the equipment and the facilities of Fahrzeugtechnik Hetzel, to create an attractive, maintaining and rewarding work enviroment for our employees.

With the help of modern, state of the art machines that optimally complement each other, we are able to meet our customers´ quality demands in the best possible way.

Due to our expertise, our high quality technical equipment and international procurement of spare parts, we are a leader in the automatic transmissions section and we constantly strive to improve our products and services.


What is the difference between a repair and a complete overhaul?


Complete Overhaul:

In a general overhaul the automatic transmission is completely disassembled and thoroughly cleaned. Absolute cleanliness is necessary to overhaul a transmission. All wearing parts are changed, regardless of whether these parts are still functional or not. The following list shows which parts are exchanged:

What is exchanged?

  • All Paper Seals, Rubber Rings, Sealing Lips
  • All Teflon and / or Steel Sealing Rings
  • All Shaft Seals
  • All Clutch Plates (inner Disk)
  • All Steel Clutch Plates (outer Disk)
  • Flexible Brake Bands
  • Transmission Oil Filter
  • Torque Converter

The other parts ...

The gear box is checked for damages / cracks and then painted silver on the outside.

The remaining parts of the transmission are subjected to expert examination and renewed, if necessary. During preassembly the modules are separately reconstructed to the extent possible and subjected to a first function test. Then the assemblies are reassembled into a functional gear.

The gearbox is fitted with a reconditioned torque converter and tested on one of our two gear stalls to ensure the function and performance. We have two electric motor driven gear tests of the type Axiline 97000, from the leading manufacturer Superflow from the USA.


In case of minor transmission defects, we carry out targeted repairs on a time and material basis. We repair only the obviously defective parts that need to be replaced. Fahrzeugtechnik Hetzel gives half a year warranty on the parts replaced.

Only transmissions which are not heavily contaminated can be repaired. In this case (for reasons of economy) the torque converter may be used again.

In a Nutshell:


Complete Overhaul



Obviously defective parts are changed

(only possible if the contamination level is not too high)




All wear parts are exchanged. The single modules are tested and installed.





Price on a time and material basis



Overhaul flat rate



Torque Converter can possibly used again



Torque Converter is changed / remanufactured everytime.



Warranty covers the changed parts only



1 year warranty without mileage limitation for the whole transmission *.



On a time and material basis.


The transmission is disassembled and thoroughly cleaned. Afterwards a fault diagnosis is performed.




On a time and material basis.


The Valve Body / The Mechatronic is tested on special test stands to check the performance and the function.



*There is a 6 month warranty for commercially used vehicles.