Flushing device

Flushing device for Automatic Transmissions - oil change after the Tim Eckart method

Complaints like slow gear engagement, choppy change, too late an up shift, vibrations and other problems of Transmission are well known to technicians of a car repair shop. Customers complain about poor automatic gear shifting and want a super smooth gear shifting of the automatic transmission. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, because metallic abrasion, debris and contamination can never be avoided entirely, and over time, they accumulate and deposit within the automatic transmission and impede and diminish the functions of the sensitive control valves, and obstruct the flow of oil in the transmission. The metallic abrasions spread through the whole system and affects the lubrication, which in turn can lead to increased wear in aluminum components. All this can cause serious problems while switching gears and shorten the life of the automatic transmission significantly. Only through a „full automatic transmission oil change“ can deposits and contaminants be removed from the system. However, this is usually very labor-intensive and costly.

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For some types of transmissions, this is also not possible due to the different designs, for instance, when the torque converter does not contain a drain plug, in this case this may lead to a complete replacement by traditional ways of changing the oil. In this case the oil is removed but leaves behind a lot of contamination back in the converter, which in turn leads to impurities in the oil system and as a result, generate problems again. The user-friendly flushing system, after Tim Eckart method, does not just replaces the oil, but washes and cleanses the whole automatic transmission with a special cleaner. The oil flush system combined with the cleaner, makes a powerful duo in removing quickly, easily and efficiently all contaminants that can cause malfunction and performance of the automatic transmission.


To remove these contaminant deposits, the cleaning liquid will be introduced prior to the flushing operation. Subsequently, the vehicle will be operated in various gear speeds for 15 minutes time, to ensure a evenly distribution of the cleaner within the transmission. After that, the flushing system is connected to the oil cooler. With this, the oil can now be collected in a container of the flushing system. Before adding the new oil, the oil pan is cleaned and a new oil filter is installed. The Tim Eckardt flush system pumps the new transmission oil, with a 12 volt pump, directly from the oil cans into the transmission oil reservoir. It is this easy and fast that an automatic transmission oil change be carried out, which includes cleaning thoroughly cleaning the transmission!

What benefits does the customer enjoy using the Tim Eckart method compared to a normal oil change?


Almost all deposits, caused by abrasions, are removed rinsed out. Problem caused by impurities are eliminated, thereby avoiding costly repairs of the automatic transmission. After rinsing, the results are a better shift quality, and also a partially reduced fuel consumption. To avoid these problems and repairs, it is recommended that a complete oil change occurs every 60.000-80.000 km.

Please notice: This device don't replace a Oil cooler flushing device!

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