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Welcome to Hetzel!

More than 25 years of experience
in the field of automatic transmissions

Top services and spare parts for automatic transmissions

Best in class auomatic transmission repair is our priority

We are an ISO-certified company specialized in the repair of automatic transmissions and the sale of spare parts.

Technical know-how and the use of future-oriented technologies are the basis for producing high-quality products. We are active worldwide in the acquisition and distribution of spare parts and work closely together with renowned vehicle manufacturers.

Our Company

...is the expert for automatic transmissions and transmission parts.  We make the solving of your transmission problems our most important task.

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Our spare parts

... we mostly buy directly from original equipment manufacturers. We are well-known worldwide as a supplier of high-quality products.

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Our repair services

...make a major contribution to environmental protection, as the reprocessing of many parts saves valuable resources.

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Our Philosophy

Our philosophy combines kindness with reliability. Business relations based on strong partnerships are an important part of it.

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Our customers

We work for well-known companies in the automotive industry


Our contribution to environmental protection

Remanufacturing is the process of bringing a used product up to the quality standard of a new product.

This requires complete disassembling, cleaning, testing and reconditioning of the components. As far as technically possible, improvements and reinforcements of the individual sub-components are also undertaken.

The overhaul of transmissions is a major contribution to environmental protection, as the reconditioning of now more than 85 % of the components helps to save valuable resources. With the help of this recycling management, the product is not simply thrown away and exchanged for a new one, but instead its useful life or life span is considerably extended.

Technical know-how combined with the most modern technology

Transmission repair is one of our key competences

We are a company specialized in the repair of automatic transmissions.

This includes conventional automatic transmissions, continuously variable transmissions (CVT), dual clutch transmissions (DCT), hybrid transmissions, all the way from 2-speed classic car transmissions to the latest high-tech transmissions.

Technical know-how, the focus on original spare parts, the use of test benches and our global network form the basis for producing the highest quality.

We offer spare parts for all common types of transmissions

We have a worldwide network of suppliers and partners

We deliver everything that is necessary to repair an automatic transmission and all of this at fair prices.
Our company offers you the advantage of often being able to obtain individual spare parts that are only available in complete units on the transmission market or from vehicle manufacturers.

Everything you need for a fully functioning automatic transmission

Hetzel offers the full service portfolio - test drives, diagnosis, removal/installation, repair & maintenance

Is my transmission now completely defective and do I have to get a new automatic transmission installed? Many customers ask themselves this question. We will find the right solution for you. Our customers receive expert and detailed consultation from us. We make the solving of your transmission problems our most important task.Diese Frage stellen sich viele Kunden. Wir finden zusammen mit Ihnen die passende Lösung. Unsere Kunden werden fachkundig und ausführlich von uns beraten. Die Lösung Ihrer Getriebeprobleme machen wir uns zur wichtigsten Aufgabe.

You want to become a specialist for automatic transmissions?

We share knowledge from over 30 years of experience in the automatic transmission sector

As an automatic transmission specialist with many years of experience, we offer you professional training courses that are individually customized to your requirements. In addition to basic training & device training, we also offer special seminars for repairers and assessors.