Do you require spare parts and information on transmission repair?

You can find information in our catalogs or in our brochures.

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Would you like to be an expert on transmission repair?

Join us for our training seminars for beginners and experts.

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Testing/ Flushing

Do you want to find failures faster and to make your work easier?

We can show you which devices and tools can help to accomplish this.

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Just about any type is in stock repaired and tested by our own professionals.

We provide powerful torque converters in outstanding quality.

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Valve BodiesMechatronics

We are rebuilding valve bodies and mechatronic units in-house.

Benefit from our

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Trade inSpare Parts

Do you want to repair a transmission by yourself?

We provide parts for all common types of transmissions.

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About Fahrzeugtechnik Hetzel

Fahrzeugtechnik Hetzel specializes in the repair of automatic transmissions and the sale of spare parts.

We offer repairs and complete overhauls of automatic transmissions, which is an inexpensive alternative to purchasing a new transmission from the manufacturers. In this way our customers can save up to 60% of the total costs. The high quality standards of our processes and products meet the highest international parameters and are guaranteed by the ISO 9001 certification.

Once the vehicle or the automatic transmission causes problems, we recommend to make an appointment with us so we can check for reasons and analyse why the transmission is not working properly.


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What type of difficulties does your vehicle have?

  • Vibrations when starting up
  • Delayed drive with high RPM
  • Gears slipping or skipping
  • Gear shift problems or rough shift
  • Transmission makes unusual noises
  • The car’s power has diminished
  • Driving fails abruptly
  • Your vehicle no longer moves

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