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Valve Bodies

Electronics meets mechanics

The Valve Body

Valve Body

This is where the shift commands received from the control computer are executed and the various transmission components are activated.

Test benches

In a standardized process, up to 20 different values are simultaneously compared with reference values as well as protocolled.


If the control computer is installed along with the valve body case inside the transmission, this is termed mechatronics.

Solenoid valves

The solenoids precisely regulate the oil flow within the valve body towards the individual transmission components.

All common types

Repair at Hetzel

All standard valvebodies are repaired and tested in house. Our test stands and test equipment are made to work with real-world measurements, almost like a built-in gear. Through these hydraulic valvebody tests, valves and individual technical elements can be tested accurately.

When repairing the valvebody, highest precision and cleanliness is required. Even the slightest contamination or wear can have an impact on the entire switching behaviour and the performance of a transmission. In the worst case, this can result in a failure of the entire transmission. 

Precision and cleanliness

Highest quality by Hetzel

These complex systems are refurbished in house. Needless to say, that we verify the perfect condition of the valvebodies by using our test stands.

By using digital control systems we are able to meassure the slightest deviation. In this way we can calibrate the solenoid valves and the valvebodies precisely.

We have adapter plates, settings and testing programmes for all common automatic transmissions.

Fahrzeugtechnik Hetzel provides high quality valvebodies which are tested on the most modern testing stands at fair prices.


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The different steps in an overview

Process of the valve body test

  • Delivery

  • External Condition

  • Visual Inspection

  • Cleaning

  • Conversion

  • Test

  • Interpretation of the test results

  • Consultation with you

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