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Special Tools for Transmissions

You are looking for special tools for the repair of automatic transmissions?

We know exactly what you need

In our company we repair and overhaul various automatic transmissions every day. Through our decades of experience in this field, we know exactly which tools are useful and what costs you an unnecessary amount of money. You will also receive support from us in this area and benefit from our knowledge.

We help in the search for the suitable

Special tools for your business and situation

We pass our knowledge on to you and help you individually to use special tools that are tailored to your company and your plans. We provide this support with the aim of simplifying your workflow, improving quality and working more economically.

Over the years we have made the experience that there are big differences in quality and also in the necessity of the different tools themselves, especially for special tools for the repair of automatic transmissions. In some cases a cheap version may be sufficient, in other cases you don't need any special tools at all and yet there are also work steps where you cannot avoid good and high-quality special tools.


Tell us what your project is and we will gladly advise you.