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Training Courses

Grundschulung Getriebe Firma Hetzel

Basic training

Ideal for beginners

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Getriebeschulung Erklärung Firma Hetzel

Transmission Trainings

Customized for a specific type

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Gutachter Getriebe Schulung Firma Hetzel

Seminar for experts

Systematic analyses

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Geräteschulung Teststände Getriebe Firma Hetzel

Equipment training

Hydratest, Kinergo & Co

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Our offer for beginners

The basic training

This 5-day seminar is ideally designed for beginners in the automatic transmission world. Within one week you will learn the essential basics of automatic transmissions. This creates an optimal basis for the entry into automatic transmission repairs.

Training for each type of transmission

The transmission-related training

This seminar is specifically designed for certain types of transmissions and offers the opportunity to repair transmissions under professional supervision.

Systematic failure analysis

The seminar for experts

In this seminar we show the systematic procedure for damage analysis of an automatic transmission. We help assessors to confidently identify damage and its causes in automatic transmissions.

Hydratest, Kinergo, Hot Flush, Tim Eckart

The device training

We also offer you equipment for the repair and testing of automatic transmissions, converters and valve bodies (or mechatronics), and are a supplier of equipment from various well-known manufacturers,
such as from Hydratest, Kinergo, HotFlush, Tim Eckart and many more.

Within the delivery of equipment, we naturally also carry out application-oriented training. Our many years of experience make it easier for you to get started in professional repair.