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Torque Converters

A torque converter of the highest quality improves the switching characteristic of an automatic transmission and dampens noises and vibrations. It is in "continuous use" and must deliver maximum performance at all times.

A converter for automatic transmissions takes the role of the clutch and transmits the driving force of the engine to the transmission.

Its task also is to continuously transmit variable power during the start of the vehicle.

A high quality and proper working torque converter contributes much to a

Dynamic Driving Experience

In general, a torque converter operates hydro dynamically. It transmits the driving torque of the motor by the flow forces present in the torque converter oil.

A high quality and proper working transducer contributes much to a dynamic driving experience.
For this reason it must provide consistent quality.

Therefore, you should also ensure that the torque converter is of the highest quality and has a long lifetime.

What you should consider

If a transmission is repaired, the torque converter should be replaced and matched to avoid expensive costs.

A faulty torque converter can not be observed from the outside, as the problems are in the interior. Friction linings, needle roller bearings, sealing rings, the freewheel, the torsion and thrust washers can be be worn and / or defective. In addition, debris, burnt clutch linings and metal shavings that are still in the old converter, could get back in the oil circuit of the newly refurbished automatic transmission. Thus, the transmission would again be damaged and it would again cause problems.

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We offer powerful and durable torque converters for almost any vehicle and transmission types. Our converters are the perfect complement to the automatic transmissions we refurbish. Many converters are available for immediate delivery (The only exceptions are ZF - Sachs torque converters, which we obtain directly from the factory). We use torque converters which are repaired in house. State of the art machinery, trained staff and years of experience in converter repair, guarantee the highest quality!

We gladly provide additional information about refurbished torque converters and automatic transmissions.

We refurbish torque converters with the greatest care. During the process the converter gets unstitched, conscientiously and carefully cleaned and the inner parts are exchanged. After the torque converter is welded together again, we verify the tightness and size accuracy and balance it. In this way, the high performance and quality standards can be assured and the torque converters are as good as new.

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Many questions are asked frequently

Here you will find answers

Defective automatic transmissions are in almost all cases heavily soiled. These dirt particles, such as metallic splinters or a burnt clutch lining are also found in the torque converter.
If the old torque converter is now used again when the transmission is overhauled, all the dirt particles are transported back into the transmission via the oil circuit. This will damage the transmission again.

Flushing the torque converter is not sufficient to remove all dirt particles. On converters with lock-up clutch there is the problem of not being able to look inside and thus not knowing how much the clutch lining is already damaged. Only transmissions which do not show a high degree of contamination can be repaired. For price reasons, the torque converter can possibly be reused in this case.

A converter lockup is an additional clutch which is contained in a torque converter and engages at high speeds usually from second or third gear. This is important in order to establish a secure connection between the engine and the transmission to prevent an increased fuel consumption of the engine.
As long as the torque converter lock-up is not engaged, there is no permanent connection between engine and transmission. The power is transmitted by two paddle wheels, which are located in the torque converter, via the medium oil from the engine to the transmission. There are 2 paddle wheels: one driven by the engine and a second driven by the generated oil flow. As these two paddle wheels are only connected to each other via the medium oil, there are different speeds of the motor and the transmission.

The converter lock-up engages at high speeds when there is only a marginal difference between input and output rotational speeds left. This means that a coupling is locked in the converter which creates a permanent secure connection.